Grant Application: Rapid Response

Please refer to the hyperlinks for information & our FAQ page.

We will not respond to individual inquiries as our website is comprehensive & covers the process in detail.

As of 2021 all application submissions are by invitation only – unsolicited applications will not be reviewed.  All invitations will be made formally, at a dated to be determined.  Please check back on our main page.

Invited Applicants applications should be submitted via e-mail.  We also strongly encourage applicants once they receive an invitation to apply earlier rather than later as funds are designated and distributed with a reasonable turn around.  We are unable to process those who apply after the deadline. We have received Urgent Letters of Inquiry, in the past, however, as outlined in our website’s FAQ, we strongly encourage organizations to apply only when asked and during the designated time period.

We have endeavored to make our application process as simple as possible. We do this both so that organizations in need are not bogged down in excessive paperwork and so that we can process grant requests quickly.  Our turnaround time will be approximately four months from the receipt of your application.  If your need is especially urgent please tell us what your specific time constraints are in your letter.  Although there is no formal application form/format, we prefer to receive applications by e-mail via: (PDF. or DOC. attachments are acceptable).

We look forward to reviewing applications of those who have been chosen to apply.  Please include a description of your organization, a copy of your 501(c)(3) determination letter, a copy of or link to the most recent Form 990, a 2-5 page narrative of the project or need for which the application is being made; a detailed prioritized project budget which covers your actual funding request.(This is especially important as while we may not be able to fund your entire program, we may be able to assist with a particular needful element that aligns with our mission.) Lastly, we would like your 2-5 page description of your project to address SIX key areas:
1.) What community concerns are you trying to address?
2.) How do you plan to address said concerns?
3.) When and over what time period will you execute your plan?
4.) How will you evaluate your plans success or lack thereof?
5.) List the funders from which you have requested or received funds.
6.) How did you hear about us?

If your organization previously received a grant from us and has kept us up-to-date with your outreach activities, you may be considered for an invitation to apply or for board-initiated outreach, but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee repeat grants.  (It is a good idea to consider sharing your compelling work with new funders.)

If you would like to be added to our e-mail announcements list (less than five e-mails per year), please send your organization’s name and preferred contact information to with the subject line “Subscribe to List.”

Please feel free to review our FAQ page, as well as other sections of our site. If you still have any remaining questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.  Please address all letters to the Board of Directors.

We wish you the best of luck in your ongoing funding search and hope your community outreach continues to be effective, informative, and uplifting.

Board of Directors
James R. and Anita Horne Jenkins Family Foundation

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